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TT Treasure Tracker

TT Treasure Tracker

A lot of the items we work with are of financial or huge sentimental value. We fit many of them with NFC tags to help reunite them with their owners should they become separated.  This is ideal for medals, caps and even uniforms.  The tag is small enough to fit on anything over 1" across!

Your items will be securely tagged with a TT Treasure Tracker, we will keep your details on file at Tin Trousers.  If your items are found and scanned we will be able to help reunite you with them.


  • TtTTreasure Tracker details

    Treasure Tracker Scheme Details:
    Many of our items can be fitted with either an NFC tag or a QR code containing a unique code and link to a lost item reporting page on the Tin Trousers website. If an item is reported as found under this scheme, Tin Trousers Ltd will:
    Notify the Owner immediately.
    Endeavour to recover the item to TTHQ.
    The owner can then arrange to either collect from us or have the item sent on to an address of their choice.
    Not share the Owners’ details with the person finding the item without the Owner’s express permission.
    Not share the Finders’ details with the owner without the Finder’s express permission.
    Charge the owner a reasonable fee to cover the direct costs of getting the item back to them.
    This will cover our staff time, postage etc.

    Tin Trousers Ltd offers no guarantee that lost items will be found and offers no compensation for lost items under this scheme; it is not insurance.
    The Treasure Tracker is solely a service which gives an opportunity and method to securely reunite people with lost items.
    There is a one-time fee of £15 to register each tag. There are no further costs once registered. Rewarding the Finder is not a condition of this service, but we encourage item Owners to recognise the effort and integrity of anyone returning an item in.
    If your contact details change, it is your responsibility to notify us.
    You may do this by contacting TTHQ directly or by using the link contained within the Treasure Tag. The information on this form will only be used to support the Tin Trousers Treasure Tracker scheme. It is stored securely by Tin Trousers Ltd and will not be shared with third parties.

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