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Male mens black, gray and blue dark business suits on hangers on a shop, wardrobe or close


HMS Nelson  Wardroom, HMNB Portsmouth

Reopening 28th Feb 2024

Uniform Store Opening Hours
0930-1200 Wednesdays

Tin Trousers holds a large selection of second hand uniforms which we sell on behalf of their owners.  Our stock includes all manner of items from basic uniforms to more exotic and hard to come by items such as greatcoats, boat capes and ceremonial swords.

Online Catalogue Coming Soon


Want to buy uniforms?​

This service is primarily aimed at serving personnel but we hold some items that may be of special interest to historians and collectors. 


Looking for a specific item, or have uniforms to sell on?

Please contact us and we may well be able to help

Uniform Store: About

Book an Appointment

If you would like to avoid having to queue and let us know what you are looking for before travelling to us, please feel free to book your appointment.

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