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Shoe Repair and Engraving Service

At Tin Trousers we take pride in providing an unrivalled service and price range for all of our products and services.  We understand the demands of Armed Forces life meaning we strive to provide a fast turnaround (48 hours on request) on all our work and can meet most requirements by post, including to BFPO addresses.


Please find a comprehensive price list below.  If the service you require is not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shoe Repair Price List


We can have your shoes repaired by a reputable cobbler with many years experience of working to Military Standards.  Turnaround can be as little as 48 hours depending on the work required.

Our prices are all inclusive of VAT:


Rubber Heels


Leather Sole

Back Linings



Stilletto Heels

Other Heels

Rubber 1/2" Sole

Leather 1/2" Sole

Hole Punching










£8.50 (from)





£3.00 (min)

£12.00 (min)



From brass plaques to engraved glassware, we can provide a high quality service to personalise your own products or source products to fit your requirements.
All products and prices shown are examples of previous quotes, please
contact us outlining your interest to receive a quote specific to your needs.

First 10 letters, including plaque
Additional Letters

Glass engraving (unlimited letters)

NB:  Own glass/crystalware will be engraved at owners risk