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Medal Care


With the correct upkeep and methods your medals can stay in mint condition without too much effort, time or expense.


Medal Care kits COMING SOON!


If your medals are very dirty/tarnished we also offer a clean up service.  Just get in touch, if possible include photographs and description of the medals and we will be able to send you an estimate for the clean up.

Your Medals


Most military medals are made from metals which will tarnish if not properly cared for. In some cases, tarnishing or polishing with abrasive cleaners may remove gilding and plating, causing irreparable damage to your medals.




Where possible, keep medals in their original boxes until they are mounted. Once mounted, it is important to find a box or case which protects your medals from damp and prevents them from knocking against each other or hard surfaces.


If your case is not a good fit for your medals, or if the medals are swing mounted, it would be advisable to carefully wrap your medals in a lint free soft cloth such as the microfiber cloth.


Fingerprints are particularly damaging due to their acidity, so if the metal of the medals must be touched, you should use the gloves provided or immediately buff off all finger marks with a soft dry cloth.


If medals get wet due to rain or other occurrence, they must be thoroughly dried with a soft cloth at the earliest opportunity and cleaned as described below. They should also be stored outside of their box until the ribbons are completely dry.


Cleaning and Parade Preparation


Before wear, your medals should be buffed with a soft dry cloth to enhance shine and remove any excess wax which could stain your uniform. If more extensive cleaning or removal of marks is required, the medals can be usually be brought back to sparkling by rubbing the affected areas with a good quality eraser before by polishing using a dry, lint free cloth.


All UK Campaign Medals are heavily plated. They will therefore retain their bright finish if handled with care. Grease marks from fingerprints can be removed with a soft cloth. More persistent marks can be removed with a gold jewellery cloth but on no account should abrasive compounds such as Brasso be used.


NEVER USE AN ABRASIVE CLEANER SUCH AS BRASSO, it will remove any plating on your medals and stain the ribbons.




To protect the medals from moisture prior to storage or display, a very thin coating of Renaissance wax polish should be applied to all areas of the medal, being careful not to get any on the ribbon. This coating should be renewed annually or more often if the medals are regularly handled or subject to ceremonial use.


Care should be taken with the medal ribbons to prevent them becoming dirty/misshapen. Ribbons should be carefully dried before storage and medals should not be stored hung from their brooch unless they are court mounted.


Damage, Restoration and Replacement


Please contact us if your medals become damaged or require restoration work. We will either be able to help directly or can forward you to other specialists who can help return your medals to pristine condition. We can also replace lost or missing medals.